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M’Tek STEM Toys from Toykraft-5-in 1 BIKES

39394 - 5- in 1 BIKES39394 - 5- in 1 BIKES

Make 5 racer bikes from here…….. Take metal construction to top gear

The M’Tek range of metal construction models instill STEM skills. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. STEM education is an interdisciplinary and applied approach to learning about these subjects. STEM based play develops an early interest here, thereby preparing the students for future success in these areas. STEM products are hands-on and encourage creativity, exploration, and experimentation to build an important foundation for growing up. M’Tek Stem Toys promote motor skills, hand-eye coordination, spatial skills, creative, divergent thinking, social and language skills.

The past few years have seen increased interest in making and makers. In fact, our own Government’s maxim is – ‘Make in India’. Making is about empowering students to see that they can bring their ideas to life, and create new things. Everybody is a maker at heart, and that every new project incorporates new learning opportunities.


Contents : 95 components. Allen key and Spanner included with a step-by-step instruction book to make 5 models of Aircraft

M’Tek Metal models are a great way for children and adults to learn simple lessons about mechanics without even realizing that they’re doing anything more than enjoying themselves. Kids spend hours on end playing with mechanical model sets, ensuring their brains are not idle, and they’ll never get bored. These M’Tek metal construction sets from Toykraft are made up of various sizes of metal strips, carefully polished to smooth perfection, rounded for no sticky points or sharp edges, and punched with standard sized holes. Since all the holes on the various shapes are uniform, there’s no problem in securing them to each other using the screws, nuts and bolts, Allen screwdriver and spanner provided in each set.

Kids can mix and match pieces to come up with their own original design for open-ended fun allowing both children and adults to be creative through endless play.

The kit contains mega-durable real metal parts made from high quality steel for longevity and sturdy wheels, reliable ergonomic tools, and easy to follow instructions! All kits feature interchangeable parts, leaving no boundaries for the imagination.

Instruction sets


The instructions, largely graphic, allow for interpretation and easy understanding. Since a child has to figure out the most comfortable way to assemble a complete set or even attach a few parts together on his or her own, the M’tek models that they make foster an independence of thought in their learning process.

Metal construction vehicle models are not too big and the metal strips are made of durable steel and plastics that are safe for kids, teens and adults.

Kids can learn a lot from these M’Tek sets, and even given a simple one, they’re soon cruise through the different setups presented in the instruction manual, and zoom on to their own concepts. Educators and parents value these tactile learning experiences for the lessons that their children and students learn from them through intrinsic use.

Give a kick-start to your fascination for motorcyles with this fabulous M’Tek 5-in-1 Model set. Get an exposure to design and construction in the world or Motorcycle engineering.

You can make a diverse range – from traditional, classical to new snazzy bikes. Follow the step by step illustrated manual in constructing each model. Once a model is done spin off to have fun with play-rides.

Follow this up by dismantling the bike on your work table – to build up the next fabulous model.

Having completed all the 5 models feel free to give flair to your design skills by creating your very own model from a








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Number of Model







Number of Parts







Toykraft offers a wide range of toys providing children with a stimulating platform which fosters personal expression and intellectual growth.

39448-in the jungle

39448-in the jungle

Art & Craft

Art & Craft

Alphabet pizza

Alphabet pizza




These help young learners improve their STEAM skills (Science – Technology – Engineering -Art – Maths).

Explore the range from construction toys to Origami.

The Steam Toys are especially designed for young learners to unplug their logic & analytical skills in their early years. These include construction toys using paper, board and connectors.

Art and Craft

Toykraft offers exciting, inspiring and innovative do-it-yourself kits using new media and ideas.

Do-it-yourself art & craft products use diverse platforms like plaster of Paris, terracotta, paper & board, sand, sequin, shells, glass, fabric. The kits also include traditional Indian art as themes.

The Kits stimulate originality and a strong streak of artistry and creativity.


The Alphabet Pizza is a 156 Pcs Jigsaw Puzzle for 4 To 6-Year-Olds to Learn the Alphabet, Spatial arrangements, Fruits, Birds, Jungle, Water and Farm Animals, Insects, Flowers, Transport and much more.

Board Games

The Board Games, rich in original content, helps children to improve intelligence, concentration, foresight, strategy and word building acumen.

Toykraft offers children with educational games & puzzles which offer high learning content and allow the children to expand their mental ability in a playful manner. These also stimulate logical and rational thought process and improve the analytical abilities of the kids.

Detail instruction to make the models
Tested for children safety

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